Margaret Barron

Dorie Ortiz-Costilla
July 17, 2018
Staff Development
December 30, 2019


“I have used the Math GPS resource since it first was developed. When I first reviewed the material at CAMT, I knew that it was something that I wanted to use. The TEKS had just been changed and we were just learning how important the Readiness TEKS were for the STAAR test. We started with the workbooks, and later the Readiness Kits were developed. When our district bought the workbooks our teachers were very pleased in using them. The open response problem-solving really got our kids ready for the test. When the kits were developed, we were really pleased with the activities and especially the different representations of the problems. Working with the activity and then having the 10 problems with the different representations, is our Countdown to STAAR plan. The teachers use them faithfully.  Totally recommend them!!”